We Value Your Security

Online security is important to everyone. Nic values your security and your customer’s security. With Ultimate Web Hosting an SSL Certificate and Secure DNS is included in the package. Search engines like Google now give a ranking boost to sites secured by SSL.... read more

The “Golden” Domain Name

For Mac Nagaswami, the founder and CEO of Carvertise, only a com would do. In his words “it’s the seal of credibility.” Find out how this young man with limited cash drove ten and a half hours (with his mother) to, ultimately, get the com he... read more

NIC Whois Passes 1,000 Downloads

At the Play Store, the NIC Whois android app has just passed 1,000 downloads. This is a specialized app which helps the user find the public whois data for many domain names.  Most Top Level Domains are covered including almost all two letter country code domains.... read more

Clear your Cache and Cookies

Modern E-commerce web sites, such as nic.com, rely on cookies to operate correctly.  When you put something in your basket and then return to shopping, it is a cookie that “Remembers” what is in your basket.  Cookies tell the site if you logged in and... read more